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Sunday, August 06, 2006

ACTION ALERT: Lamont Edition!

ACTION ALERT: Lamont Edition!

"[P]eople acting in a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could even hope to bring about." - FDR

Today's Action diary will be short because I will be getting on the phone soon to start my calls to GOTV in CT. Last time I signed up to make phone calls for a MoveOn campaign I was calling college students (mostly) in Pennsylvania to GOTV for John Kerry. Calling people was easy, and I was able to help GOTV in a swing state when I didn't live in one.

Well, I'm still living in Southern Illinois, and since school starts in a week I'm WAY to busy (and broke) with school preparations and other things to get to CT to volunteer in person. So, I'm volunteering from afar. You can do the same! Click here to sign yourself up to make calls to GOTV!!

Click here for more action items!

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Congratulations on the Lamont win

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