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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stop DOPA in the Senate

Stop DOPA in the Senate

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Boy, this thing just flew right under the radar last week. Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick's (R, PA-08) Deleting Online Predators Act passed the House on a ridiculously lopsided 410-15-7 vote.

This bill, which would amend the Communications Act of 1934 to block public school students' access to sites like MySpace - and, due to sloppy, vague language in the bill, most blogs.

And what surprises the heck out of me is that Representatives who blog at Daily Kos such as Louise Slaughter of NY and Brad Miller of NC (what're they doing with 3 UIDs apiece, anyhow?) voted to pass this PoS.

Unbelievable. What were they thinking?

Here's a focus on the vague language in the bill, from jrm78 at Daily Kos, one of few to blog H R 5319's passage:

"In determining the definition of a social networking Web site, the Commission shall take into consideration the extent to which a Web site--

(i) is offered by a commercial entity;

(ii) permits registered users to create an online profile that includes detailed personal information;

(iii) permits registered users to create an online journal and share such a journal with other users;

(iv) elicits highly personalized information from users; and

(v) enables communication among users."

Because in this dangerous world of ours, the last thing we'd want to encourage is communication among users. Dangerous, dangerous stuff, that communication - dynamite. Can't have the young 'uns messing around with high explosives, no sirree Bob.

So say 410 members of the House of Representatives, in their supreme, inside-the-beltway ignorance - even those who are "friends" of the blogs.  It's sad to see so many fail to recognize the danger of passing DOPA - such vague legislation.

It's in the Senate now, folks. And you know how those people just love to hear from their constituents.

Have at 'em.


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