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Thursday, November 10, 2005

People Over Profits

People Over Profits

Tell Congress that big pharma doesn't need liability protection for Viagra.

Congress needs to act to protect Americans from the dangers of a pandemic flu outbreak – and the best way to protect Americans from the flu is to produce safe vaccines.

But the Bush Administration and Members of Congress are using fear of a flu outbreak as an excuse to slip in huge giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry. Proposals being considered would limit the ability of individuals to hold drug companies accountable if they give people unhealthy or deadly vaccines or drugs, even if they commit gross negligence.

Immunity for Viagra?

The bill doesn’t just give immunity to a flu vaccine. The legislation would allow the government to add drugs made by their favorite corporations to a list of those that would be protected. You name it, they could add it to the list.

Call your congresscritters about this, please!


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