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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Public Lands In Danger

Public Lands In Danger

[UPDATE] Looks like the Pombo Amendment is dead! Ding!@#$%&Dong!

(originally posted 11/19):
Rep. Pombo has got to go. First he goes after endangered species, now he's after public lands.

The provisions end a decade-long Congressional ban on "patenting" or sale of public lands claimed for mining and creates a new policy of offering vast areas of Western public lands for sale for non-mining uses like real estate development and oil drilling. Under the bill, U.S. and foreign corporations will be able to buy and develop important natural areas now used for recreation, wildlife, fisheries or regional drinking water supplies -- including areas within our National Parks, National Forests, and BLM lands.

Word has it that if Pombo gets on the House-Senate Committee this beast is a done deal. Please FAX House and Senate Leadership in Washington, CALL their local and home offices - now is the time! And of course, call your reps as well. And be sure to send Pombo a note or two or ten...

Unfortunately, they are in recess for the Thanksgiving holiday, but that just provides a great opportunity to bury them in mounds of snail mail and faxes. I'd like to see them try to ignore that! Then, the deluge of phone calls upon their return...


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